Friday, February 19, 2010

Always Attack Your Opponents Strength

I am watching a old movie "Ready to Rumble", yeah I am a big time wrestling fan and I was waiting to watch this movie on WB. However back to the point, there is the dialogue in the movie, "Always attack the mans Strength. Yeah the action is right there in the middle. No one expects you to attack you at your strongest point, that’s where you can defeat them." Loved this line. Most of us aim to go for our opponents weaknesses. In business we like to see what’s the weak points of our competitors and we try to attack him on those points. We rarely dare to compete with our competition at the point where they are the strongest. But I guess that’s where the fun is. Raising your standard and making yourself so good that you can defeat your opponent at their own game. That would be really satisfying, defending your competition by taking him on there strength. Success would never taste sweeter.

I am gonna try and follow that. I am going to Attack the Strength... but for time being the break is almost over so back to my movie.


abhay said...

i like this movie

Freya said...

Have to watch this movie... :)