Thursday, July 04, 2013

Book Review - Oath of Vayuputras

The Oath of the Vayuputras (Shiva Trilogy, #3)The Oath of the Vayuputras by Amish Tripathi
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This book is a case study for how a really bad last book can spoil a great trilogy. Compared to the first two books this book is really very boring and slow. The talk about good and evil and how shiva will find evil seems way too kiddish and slow. The book had built up an amazing set up for an epic war between meluha and shiva but apart from the two battles the war never happened. So many story lines and plots are simply dropped by the author towards the end. I was really looking forward to the final battle to finally see shiva against parvarteshwar but alas it never happened. Last 100 pages of the book are most boring and it took me three days to finish those.  There was even chance of a great ending (spoiler alert) after the death of sati. I expected shiva to single handedly go into devagiri and kill her killers. The mythical rage of shiva could have been best used in this situation. But the author chose to nuke the city instead(true story).

All in all a very disappointing third book after two great books. And my main question is what in the world was oath of vayuputras? A totally misleading title.

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Jab Mutliplex Nahin the tab bhi Cinema ka Magic tha...

Air – Conditioned Halls, Push Back Leather Seats, Lush Carpets, Dolby Surround Effect Sound System, Swanky Interiors & Innovative designs is nowadays a key to most of our city dwelling movie maniacs. Multiplexes have been a major factor in bringing back the upper middle class audience to movie theatres. But most of the movie goers above 25 years, must have enjoyed the glorious days of single screen Cinema. My first childhood memory of watching a movie in a movie theatre was way back in late 80s when my parents took me to see Chota Chetan. It was the most exciting thing to do for me at that time, as till date I had watched the movies only on Doordarshan, and thus getting to watch a movie on a huge screen and that too with paper 3D Glasses was awesome. After that for few years my dad took me to watch various hindi movies at our local single screen theatres and thus my passion for cinema was ignited. I loved the intermissions which used to come with a ring of a bell, just like the recess in our school, and that bell inevitably meant that my dad would go and get me a packet of polythene packed soggy yummy popcorn and a Goldspot. The experience of going to a movie was like a weekend trip to Goa for me back then. But my dad wasn’t watching every movie that was released and so had to wait for the next good movie which he would be interested and would pray for an Amitabh Release as he never missed that.

Then Came 1993 and Jurrasic Park (in Hindi) was released in India and every youngster in the country wanted to watch it. I nagged my parents to give me the permission to go ahead and watch a movie in theatre all by myself with my friends. It was the most exciting thing I had ever done till that time. The theatre was 5 kms from our house, and we friends had taken the bus till the hall. There were three of us, and none of us had ever purchased a movie ticket till then and had no idea how to do it or what categories there were to choose from. When we were in front of the ticket windows we had three different choices: Lower Stall 10 Rs. (It was the longest line), Upper Stall 15 Rs. (little less longer line) and Balcony 25 Rs. (pretty small line). We made a quick count of our funds pool, calculating and reserving a fixed sum for the canteen in interval; we decided to go for the upper stall. After waiting in the queue for 20 odd mins I reached the ticket window and asked for three tickets and the ticket window guy refused, saying they have the policy of giving only two tickets to one person to prevent black marketing. I had no idea about what in the world was black marketing and tried to convince the ticket window guy with my innocent face that I am a kid with no intentions of marketing those tickets black or white and showed them my friends waiting nearby, finally convincing the ticket window guy give me my first movie ticket I ever brought. It was a victorious moment for me, because I felt in my quest to secure my first ever movie ticket, I overcome an earth shattering hurdle and thus considered myself street smart for that feat. I admired my hard earned ticket, which was of pink color, Lower Stall Tickets were of Green Color and Balcony Ticket were of luxurious grey color. At that time, the seat numbering system was only in the balcony of our single screen movie hall. Lower and Upper stall tickets were basically on first come first serve basis. Thus resulting in people standing in a huge cue and ready to rush inside as soon as the gates open with the first ring of the bell to get the best possible seats (preferably near the corners under the huge wall mounted fans). We loved the Jurrasic Park in hindi, though we found it very boring for first 20 mins when a weird old man was just talking and talking explaining some weird technology involving frogs and lizard which we didn’t cared, but as soon as the dinosaurs were on the screens we just loved it. With my first ever experience of screaming and whistling in the theatre I was having the time of my life. Then came the sudden interval with a loud ringing of the bell and while going to the canteen we deliberately took the path leading upto to the top most row of the upperstall, as we wanted to peek and see what luxurious adobe was in the balcony section. Back than movie canteens had a charm of its own, with just one flavoured, atleast 4-5 days earlier polythene packed pop corns, Samosas till they last, Cream Rolls, Parle G biscuits, Thums up, Gold Spot, Limca and tea Coffee. There were no fancy burgers, nachos or cheese flavoured popcorns. While eating those pop corns, one of my friends revealed us an amazing fact that his uncle who lives in Bombay (Mumbai) claimed there were movie halls there which had ticket rates of 75-100 Rs. and some were even A/c. However we enjoyed the rest of our movie, especially the climax where the small girl saved the day moving some kinda device on the desk connected to computer, which many years later I came to know is called the mouse, through which I won’t be trapping dinosaurs, but checking the Facebook.

Few months later I had a chance of revisiting the movie hall again with the release of Rangeela and this time I was introduced to a viewer friendly world of ticket black marketing. The movie was house full and we were planning to go back home disappointedly, when a shady looking guy came and asked me “ticket chaiye, balcony ka hai.?” I was overwhelmed that a kind hearted guy was taking pity on us seeing are disappointed faces and offering us his tickets, but lo and behold, he asked 40 Rs. for the balcony ticket. In a second I realized what black marketing was all about and later spent most of my college life trying to spot the guy selling tickets in black as I was always late to reach movie hall. Black marketing people were the life savers for people like us who had this compulsive urge to watch the movie on the day of its release. How much I miss them nowadays in the Multiplexes, when I forget to advance book my tickets and when after reaching the theatre I find all the movies house full. I always wish to spot a kind hearted black marketer lurking in the Air Conditioned alley of PVR or Big Cinema, ready to save the day for me.

Post 1993 the only respectable single screen cinema in our area was rumoured to be being renovated and would now become A/C and I was pretty excited to experience it. The owner had timed the renovated theatre with the release of Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge. Outside the main gate of the theatre the owner had now proudly written: in huge bold letters “Vinay Theatre”, and in little less huge but still bold letters “A/C” and then yet in the third line with small letter which were not bold it was written “Air-Cooled”. Yes our small town theatre had become A/C, which contrary to our expectation was installed with around 10-15 huge Water Coolers and not the Air-Conditioner. However it was still an upgrade and we were proud of it. The theatre even had gone ahead and got rexine cushioned seats for balcony section, and had also come up with two box sections.

Then came 1999, and the first ever Multiplex of Ahmadabad was inaugurated with people loving it, comparison were drawn with the movie theatres of Singapore and America as per their relative’s residing country. My first ever Multiplex movie was “Mann”, though I hated the movie, but I loved the new experience and feel, and also fresh pop corns with masala seasoning. I felt this was life, watching a movie like King. Soon there was a flood of multiplex, each new one making the older multiplexes look like a piece of junk. PVRs, Cinemaxs, Big Cinemas changed our total viewing experience, enabling us to at least console ourselves that Pop corn were tasty and seat was so comfortable that I slept off, while watching Khatta Meetha.

Lekin Cinema ka Magic to tab bhi tha, jab Multiplex nahin tha...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lost My Comb – End of an Era

I know it will sound weird but I am very sad as I am not able to find my comb today and I think I might have lost if for good. Okay so what’s the big deal about a comb that too being a guy? Well this particular comb surely was a big deal. I had been using it for last 11 years and it has seen through me lots of good and bad times and it was one of the very few constants in my life. In fact I had bought this comb even before I bought my first Motorcycle.

Curiously I bought this comb from Mangalore in June of 1999 when on vacation there with Amit during my days. Never at that time had I thought I will be getting married into the same city 8 years later. In fact till that time I was never particular about my comb and would use any common comb in the house, but during that visit I had lost the comb I was carrying and so we bought this one from a store around 7-8 in the evening so that I don’t look like a freak in the morning and voila that’s the comb I loved to comb my hair for next 11 years. The comb started its journey from Managlore with me and travelled with me back to Ahmedabad. During my Ahmedabad stay the comb saw me bunk classes in for three years and later in C-Dac. It used to come in use not in the morning but in the evening when I used to wake up after staying awake whole night with Rumit at Rythem cyber cafe. Later the comb moved with me to Hyderabad and boy that was one crazy place to be. Hyderabad was the best time and place I ever lived during my students life and when I realized that the comb has managed to stay with me for around 4 years that I decided to stick with it for as long as possible. During my stay in Hyderabad the comb did travelled with me almost all over the India as it was one the essential things I carried on all my rides. Later the same comb was one great support for me during the super depressing and worst days of Delhi and then it accompanied back with me to Gandhidham in 2005. Since then the comb had been with me here and I had been using it each and every day. Priya knows how hysterical I would become if we forget to carry the comb for any trip.

Surprisingly that was the strongest Comb I have ever seen. 11 years of continuous service and till date it had not lost even one of its teeth or was in no way out of shape or anything. But now from last 4 days I am not able to find my precious comb and I guess it’s time to move on. I am going to Mangalore again next week so maybe this time I will have to pick up another comb to continue the legacy...

Friday, February 19, 2010

Always Attack Your Opponents Strength

I am watching a old movie "Ready to Rumble", yeah I am a big time wrestling fan and I was waiting to watch this movie on WB. However back to the point, there is the dialogue in the movie, "Always attack the mans Strength. Yeah the action is right there in the middle. No one expects you to attack you at your strongest point, that’s where you can defeat them." Loved this line. Most of us aim to go for our opponents weaknesses. In business we like to see what’s the weak points of our competitors and we try to attack him on those points. We rarely dare to compete with our competition at the point where they are the strongest. But I guess that’s where the fun is. Raising your standard and making yourself so good that you can defeat your opponent at their own game. That would be really satisfying, defending your competition by taking him on there strength. Success would never taste sweeter.

I am gonna try and follow that. I am going to Attack the Strength... but for time being the break is almost over so back to my movie.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Am I Social? Maybe

Since I was a kid, I had always had this feeling of being someone out of the circle. It was not like I was isolated or different; It’s just that I had always lacked any kind of social skills. No matter how much I try, I would always end up feeling awkward whenever it came to socializing formally. As I look back on my life till now, I do had loads of friends, and many of them were my very close friends. Actually I had many best friends in my life during my different phases. With some I was for very long time and with some it was just a small companionship, but a strong one though. But in the end I had always been unable to stay in touch with all these friends. It was again my total lack of social skills and failure to try and initiate a communication. Then came the Web 2.0 era and the dawn of Orkut and Facebook, which is rapidly becoming very essential part of this generation. These Social Networking sites have given me the opportunity to get in touch with all my long lost friends with a click of mouse. Leaving a scrap or writing on their wall is proving to be very effective way to get in touch with them. It’s only with help of these social networking sites that I am able to wish "Happy Birthday" to even my primary school classmate whom I haven’t met for last 15 years. These sites have really given us the power to reconnect with the people of our past and be in constant touch with our current friends. It has empowered our generation to be in constant limelight of our friends. When you meet a kid from your high school with whom you hardly talked, on Orkut after a decade through your common network, you do realize that he is he was not that bad a person back than after all. This can prove to be a good healing tool for people. It enables every one of us in understanding the joy of sharing and being in touch. As for me I hope it enables me to get in touch with my buddies more regularly (fingers crossed)....

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Time to Be Alive Again

For last 3 years or so I have pretty much left my blog all to itself with just a casual post once in six months or so. But I guess its time I bring back my blog out of the slumber and start posting my thoughts and life experiences again. so all you readers who had been reading my blog 3 years earlier, i request you to be back here regularly for my updates and posts from henceforth.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Review Dev D Music rocks big time - Download now

Just purchased the dev d music cd today morning and thats what I had been listening in my car for whole day. Man thats one great album. All the songs in Album rocks.

While Aankh Micholi, Dev chanda theme & dil mein jaagi are likeable, one of the best tracks of the album are the Duniya & saali Khushi. Both the tracks have most amazing lyrics. Totally earthy feeling to it.

For a month now I was awaiting the release of this music album as after seeing the promos was totally in love with the super duper hit song Emosanal Atyachaar. The bass band song is total hit and will be one of the best tracks of the year.

But boy after buying the cd, I realized that emosanal atyachaar is indeed not the best track of the album. Now comes the big daddy, the one track which made me come online and write all this about this album is the best track of the album: Atyachaar - Rock Version. And boy can it rock. It rocks big big time. Heard the track once and simple fell in love with it. Its total hardcore rock. Guys just listen to it now, you will know what i mean.

If you cant wait to listen to the songs of dev d, you can download them right now from here but make sure to buy an orignal dvd later ;)
The best tracks are Emosinal Atyachar,

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bandeya - Khuda ke Liye, Mp3 download

Here are the Lyrics of the song Bandeya, from the movie khuda ke liye. Its an amazing song so go ahead and download it from the link below.


Bullay Noun Sumjhawan Ayaan
Bhenaan Tay Bherjaayaan
Man Lay Bullaya Sada Kaina
Chad Day Pala Araiyaan
Aal Nabi Ulad Nabi Noun Tu Kyoun Leeka Layaan
Jera Saanoun Syed Saday
Duzakh Milay Sazaiyaan


Bundeya Ho Bundeya……
Bundeya Ho….oo…ooo
Bundeya Ho Bundeyaa
Bundeya Ho…ooo…oo

Araain Saain Sabi Thaain
Rab Deeyaan Bay Perwaayaan

Soniya Paray Hatayaan tay
Khoojiyaan Nay Gal Layaan
Jay Tu Looray Baagh Baharaan Chakar Ho Ja Araiyaan
Bullay Shah De Zaat Ke Puchni
Shakar Ho Razayaan

Download Link for Full Mp3 Song Click Here:

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Melting Down....

yess... we have finally done it... all the talk of global warming and other blah blah has finally have something substantial... A big iceberg is about to break off from Antarctica.

The iceberg is located on the southern portion of the peninsula of Wilkins Ice Shelf, one of the biggest ice shelves in Antarctica that has been recently threatened.

A glaciologist who was watching the satellites images of Wilkins ice shelf saw a piece of the shelf about 25 miles by 1.5 miles was breaking off. This poses a danger because now the rest of Wilkins ice shelf is at the risk of collapsing. Wilkins Ice shelf is about the size of Northern Ireland!

The problem with icebergs breaking off is sea level rises. If all land ice melted, sea level would rise up to 230 feet.

Here are facts taken from MSN:
-Glaciers is where about 75 percent of the world’s fresh water is stored.
-Antarctica ice is more than 2.4 miles thick in some areas.
-Almost 10 percent of Earth’s land is covered with glaciers.
-During the Last ice Age, 32 percent of Earth’s land was covered with glaciers.

Where are my socks?

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