Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lost My Comb – End of an Era

I know it will sound weird but I am very sad as I am not able to find my comb today and I think I might have lost if for good. Okay so what’s the big deal about a comb that too being a guy? Well this particular comb surely was a big deal. I had been using it for last 11 years and it has seen through me lots of good and bad times and it was one of the very few constants in my life. In fact I had bought this comb even before I bought my first Motorcycle.

Curiously I bought this comb from Mangalore in June of 1999 when on vacation there with Amit during my days. Never at that time had I thought I will be getting married into the same city 8 years later. In fact till that time I was never particular about my comb and would use any common comb in the house, but during that visit I had lost the comb I was carrying and so we bought this one from a store around 7-8 in the evening so that I don’t look like a freak in the morning and voila that’s the comb I loved to comb my hair for next 11 years. The comb started its journey from Managlore with me and travelled with me back to Ahmedabad. During my Ahmedabad stay the comb saw me bunk classes in for three years and later in C-Dac. It used to come in use not in the morning but in the evening when I used to wake up after staying awake whole night with Rumit at Rythem cyber cafe. Later the comb moved with me to Hyderabad and boy that was one crazy place to be. Hyderabad was the best time and place I ever lived during my students life and when I realized that the comb has managed to stay with me for around 4 years that I decided to stick with it for as long as possible. During my stay in Hyderabad the comb did travelled with me almost all over the India as it was one the essential things I carried on all my rides. Later the same comb was one great support for me during the super depressing and worst days of Delhi and then it accompanied back with me to Gandhidham in 2005. Since then the comb had been with me here and I had been using it each and every day. Priya knows how hysterical I would become if we forget to carry the comb for any trip.

Surprisingly that was the strongest Comb I have ever seen. 11 years of continuous service and till date it had not lost even one of its teeth or was in no way out of shape or anything. But now from last 4 days I am not able to find my precious comb and I guess it’s time to move on. I am going to Mangalore again next week so maybe this time I will have to pick up another comb to continue the legacy...


abhay said...

now don't tell me that u missed it, i think even her purpose is over with one of the creature of this mortal world ,now its time for some another (unlucky ..ahhh i mean lucky)scalp to feel its special toch. I think you should let her go and move on ;). waise bhi priya already got new comb for u in manglore so why so serious, sonnnn ?

Freya said...

I feel sad for your loss... maybe because I understand it or most of us do. There are things in our life we take for granted, even the mundane ones, and then one day when they are missing we miss them.

Lost a few things myself... :(

Get another and since its so strong, please buy me one too :)